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Retreats of Ayahuasca

      Welcome to our 8-day retreats at Melissa Wasi Center, a place in the Sacred Valley of Peru

The experience of being on a medicine retreat is unforgettable as it allows us to connect with our inner being profoundly and by that we get cleansed, empowered and grounded on our life path. Accompanied by the beauty and magic of the Sacred Valley of Incas in Peru, surrounded by immense ancestral mountains, a millennium culture that respects Mother Earth and its roots a lot. The center where the retreats are held is very comfortable so that you can feel at ease during your spiritual work.

It’s a pleasure to share with you. You are very welcome

“Welcoming group meeting”

to share the retreat program



Day 1:


  • Pickup and ride to retreat center from Cusco airport Arrival at retreat center

  • Lunch

  • Discussion group to share the retreat program

  • Rest

  • Group integration in the temple

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony



Day 2:



  • Breakfast

  • Rest

  • Lunch

  • Sound therapy

  • Group integration

  • Dinner

  • Rest



Day 3:


  • Breakfast

  • Field trip to Chawaytiri (Andean weaving community)

  • Lunch

  • Rest

  • Dance therapy with Andrea or Weronka

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony



Day 4:



  • Breakfast

  • Rest

  • Lunch

  • Offering to Pachamama at Pachatusan Apu (despacho ceremony)

  • Rest

  • Group integration

  • Dinner

  • Rest



Day 5:


  • Breakfast

  • Temazcal ceremony (the womb of Mother Earth)

  • Rest

  • Lunch

  • Therapy: Who am I?

  • Rest

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony 



Day 6:



  • Breakfast

  • Rest

  • Lunch

  • Group integration

  • Farewell bonfire 

  • Dinner    

  • Rest


Day 7:


  • Huachuma ceremony with Jean y Selin (traditional Andean medicine) (Optional, not included in price) 

  • Coming back to the Center

  • Dinner

  • Rest


Day 8:


  • Breakfast

  • “Check out”




Limited spaces available

Optional therapies during the Retreats (not included in the price):

Wachuma Ceremony


Facilitators: Jean & Selin

wachuma foto .jpg

Wachuma is a cactus that grows in the desertic zones of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The meaning of its name is "to be without head". It is a medicine that invites us to contemplate and to calm down the mind for us to have a direct experience with the pure presense.  The catholics called it San Pedro, since San Pedro is the guardian of the keys. Wachuma is the perfect complement for the work with Ayahuasca. Wachuma is masculine, Ayahuasca is feminine. Ayahuasca is taken inside, during the night, where Wachuma is taken outside during the day. Ayahuasca is an internal work and Wachuma connects us with everything that surrounds us here and now.




Facilitator: Gal Akash Bloom 


                 Traditional Kambo Ceremonies

Kambo is the secretion of Phyllomedusa Bicolor, a bright green tree frog native from the Amazonian rainforest. It is used by the Matses tribe in Peru and the Katukina, Yawanawa and Huni Kuin tribes in Brazil. The medicine is located on the back of the frog where it is delicately removed without causing any pain or suffering to the animal. After a short time the back will again produce more medicine.

It is applied to our system after drinking about 2 liters of water and with a small hot stick a superficial burn is made on the skin. For men on the left arm and for women on the left leg.

The medicine enters through the lymphatic system and awakens the inmune system, creating heat and high blood pressure that after a few minutes turns into a feeling of nausea. The medicine sends the toxins into the water in our stomach, which helps us vomite removing the toxins in the stomach and so purifying the body, cleaning our blood, organs. etc. 

Kambo is a powerful catalyst for clarity and action. The Amazonian tribes use it to remove what they call "Panema", which they define as a bad energy that hovers over a person and makes them sick.

Kambo has being used to treat HIV, cancer, fertility problems, Lymes disease, depression, addiction, chronic pain, migraines, organ diseases, skin and eye problems, herpes, candida, infections, arthritis, viruses, autoimmune disorders and other physical illnesses. 

My experience with Kambo started a few years ago as a tool mainly to overcome the mental barriers I had. As a result of the intensive work I did with Kambo, most of the problems I was focused on were resolved and to my surprise, I also noticed a physical improvement. 

I met the frog in the Amazon rainforest and asked for permission to work with it and received a clear answer that I certainly could. I worked in Peru with the Metsas tribe and in Brazil with the Katukina. Today I have the honor to be sharing this incredible medicine with my brothers and sisters around the work.

Sweat lodge - Temazcal:           Facilitator:  Letizia Xiuh

Captura de pantalla 2021-06-15 a las 16.
Captura de pantalla 2021-06-15 a las 14.


Sweat Lodge it’s an ancient ceremony that was used for the North American tribes as a ceremony of purification of our hearts, minds and spirits before Great Spirit, this ceremony consist in a simple structure made with 16 poles, covered with wool blankets, after 2 hours of heating volcanic stones on the fire, we clean and place the stones inside this simple structured tent, the inside it’s considered the womb and it’s completely dark, once all the participants and stones are placed inside the “womb”, the guide starts to pour water into the stones creating stream and heart that enhances sweat for the whole body
This is a beautiful space for us to share, give thanks, pray and sing for our own healing with all our ancestors and all our relations, connecting with mother earth and father sky, great spirit and our grandmothers/grandfathers.

This beautiful and flowery ceremony brings the family together  to celebrate our rebirthing into a new state of mind, a new stance in our lives.

Praying to all our ancestors and ascended masters, we bring into our awarness the presence of all the blessings  we are receving  every moment, allowing healing to happen and build our strength to overcome any situation.  

Just by focusing on our breath and presence, we hold our own space in alignment with our hearts connected with the earth's and sky's heart becoming one with the universe.

Thank you to all the tribes that have been keeping this tradition alive and thanks to all the hearts that are willing to create a nurturing space for all our future generations.

For all our relations
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!!

Gong Sound Bath

Facilitator: Gonzalo Basavilbaso


gonzalo gong 2.jpeg
gonzalo gong .jpeg

Gonzalo Is a resercher of the therapeutic uses of sound and instruments builder.

Gong immersions have capacity to interrupt our habitual thought patterns allowing us to rest from our active mind and achieve a deep state of relaxation, reestablishing the balance of the body and unblocking old emotions to find harmony in our energy centers.

These sessions are very useful for plant medicine integration bringing clarity and discernment.

Group and individual sessions available

Yoga Thai Masaje :

Facilitator: Weronka


Powerful energy and bodywork, deeply purifying, grounding, harmonizing and nurturing your body, mind and spirit. A balanced combination of acupressure, passive yoga asanas, energy meridian work and muscle compression merged with various massage techiniques.

Andean Yoga

Facilitator: Daya Das

daya yoga class.jpg

Hi, I am Daya Nimai Das Andean Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Hatha Vinyasa practice, licensed as a E-RYT 500 by the Yoga Alliance, founder of Nidra Wasi Holistic Retreat Center.

I like to share the ancient teachings of this land, to experience a sense of community and heart opening journeys into the depths of Yoga Philosophy along the Andean Cosmovisión.


Facilitator: Sean West

sean 2.jpg
sean .jpg

He has been working bodywork for more than 20 years. 

He offers base removal of the bodies tension through Manual Release. This technique releases the base tension permanently from  the body. This work removes the physical electrical structures that hold memory in our bodies. It is extremely effective for shifting all levels of ourselves physical, emotional and spiritual. It is a solution for migraines, sciatic, and other chronic pain issues. It is also effective for anxiety and insomnia.

Somatic Integration

Facilitator: Jorgelina Básalo

jorgelina nueva .jpeg

The nervous system gathers information which always organizes in the most functional way and with the lowest energetic cost.

Our SOMA, living body (physical body, mind, emotional and spiritual) reflects the movements of our mind. It keeps all the experiences we had in our whole life, all the information of previous generations and it gives us all the necessary tools  to walk trough and to trascend these experiences.

By the simple fact of being present in the sensations and the movement we allow an harmonious integration of the information from the past finding a path to discover and develop the infinite potential we have.

When you come to a session you first allow yourself to move spontaneously and then you lay down in a comfortable position to receive the hand contact through which we activate the necessary information to work with what was intended in the session.

Then you move spontaneously again to integrate the conscious and unconscious information that you got through your sensation. You'll feel the diference with the previous movements.

Liberation and flourishing ritual

Facilitator Fiorella Origgi -Kanaj Pacha

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 6.00.09 PM.png

It is a deep massage with warm herbal oils that are prepared depending on the need of the person. It provides a deep relaxation and release of emotions and blockages both energy and physical.

Among its main benefits, it promotes deep sleep, gives elasticity to the skin and bones, treats bone and muscle aches, thermoregulators, and strengthens the nervous system.


Preparation for the retreats

Diet before participating in an Ayahuasca retreat:

    In preparation for a retreat and receiving Mother Ayahuasca in your body, we           recommend one week diet, eating vegetarian, reducing excess sugar, dairy, salt,     hot sauce, etc. In addition, do not use alcohol or drugs and avoid watching strong images on TV.​ 



WhatsApp Image 2020-02-20 at

The work with microdosis is very effective inside our body and soul. It helps us as an integration of that experienced during the ceremonies giving answers to doubts and aligning the messages received. It also takes us to a state of interior calmness, relaxing us and by that dissolving little by little the energies that prevent us from being ourselves leading us to self-empowerment.
Microdosis work can be also done with people who haven’t taken Ayahuasca. While on microdosis it’s important to have a balanced diet avoiding drugs, alcohol, red meat, chile etc to let the medicine take us to a more profound state.

The way of applying the Microdosis is with a dropper putting 2 drops under the tongue in the morning and before going to sleep.
It also works in the dream state.
While we work with microdosis we can live a normal life, going to work, university etc.
Once a week we write to those people who are microdosing to do a checking and clear their doubts.
The work with the Microdosis lasts around 40 days.
We have had very good results.

Here you can see the musical instruments that accompany us in ceremony and learn more about their history



The shakapa is an ancient shamanic instrument used to clean energies.

When it is shaken, it makes a pleasant sound to accompany ceremonies and is also used to accompany the sacred songs of the jungle.  Traditionally known as icaros, these songs act as bridges to other dimensions.

Jungle seeds

Sin título.png

The semillas de la selva, or jungle seeds, have been used since ancient times to emphasize the rhythm of the songs. They have a very special sound that helps us to root and transmute the energies that we no longer need in our inner selves.





kora ultima .png

The kora is an ancestral African harp with a magical and engaging sound. The resonance chamber is made from a large squash that symbolizes water.  The chamber is covered in leather which represents the animal kingdom and the neck is made of wood, representing the trees. 

The kora has 21 strings: 7 represent the past, 7 the present and the last 7 represent the future. The instrument is played with the soul. The personality of this powerful instrument is joyful and harmonious.




The ngoni is an ancestral African instrument that symbolizes the interior pulse and focuses on our personal identity


The balafon is an ancestral African instrument with wooden keys, each evoking distinct musical notes.  Each key has below it a dried squash that functions as a resonance box. 

It is played with sticks and brings happy and motivating energy to the tribe

Djun Djun


These are African drums that represents both the union with the tribe and the strength of the family bond. The biggest drum is called Dunumba and represents the energy of the father.  The next one is called Sangban and represents the mother.  The smallest one, called Kenkeni, represents the son.


The calabaza is an African percussion instrument that when struck, emits a sound that connects us with  water and the roots of the earth.



The udu is a ceramic African percussion instrument that symbolizes water. Its personality is subtle and atmospheric.

When playing the body of the drum while covering its holes, the drum emits a very pleasant sound.  It is used in ceremonies to call water.


The kalimba is a box made of wood on which are laid different keys, each corresponding to a different musical note. It is played with the thumbs and its sound represents water.


The Karimba is an instrument of African origin very similar to the Kalimba.  The difference is that it has a second bridge of notes whose keys have metal rings that vibrate when touched.



The Mbira  is an ancestral African instrument that is the grandfather of the Kalimba, Karimba and Sansula. Its keys are made of spoons and they are played with the thumbs. Traditionally, it sits inside a dried squash that functions as the resonance box.


This flute evokes happiness, transmuting negative energy into positive

Native flutes

These native flutes are ancestral instruments that connect us to the spirit of the eagle, raising up and giving strength to our inner prayer.



This ancestral Mapuche instrument is used to call on the energy of the rains.

The instrument is placed at the entrance of the lips or mouth and the sound is produced through vibrating the tongue. The mouth acts as the resonance box.



The ocarina is a small wind instrument descended from primitive whistles made of clay or bone. Currently, they are manufactured in a variety of materials such as ceramic, wood and metal.


hang buena.png

This melodic percussion instrument serves as a  bridge to bring us to our inner alignment.

The drum’s personality is hypnotic and meditative with a blend of  ancestral and contemporary sounds. It takes us to deep meditative states.



The Sansula is a contemporary instrument that was inspired by a very old African instrument, called Kalimba, that symbolizes water.

In fact, the Sansula is a Kalimba redesigned by the Germans from the original African instrument.

Unlike the African Kalimba whose sounding board is made from a coconut or a closed piece of wood, the Saija holds the weight of the keys (notes) on a synthetic or leather covering, leaving the bottom open, which allows one to increase or decrease the resonance space, creating very attractive effects.

The Sansula has a clear and defined metallic sound with many harmonics. It is a very sensitive instrument for both the one who plays it as well as for the one who hears it and is especially suitable to induce trance states.

The instrument’s personality is grounding and helps us connect with our inner child.




This melodic percussion instrument is inspired by a very old African instrument called  Balafón.

This instrument has an aerial sound that symbolizes air and water elements and opens up our connection to the angelic realms.

The instrument’s sound is very pleasant and leads to very deep states of meditation. The keys are struck with mazetas (drumsticks with cotton on the tips) to create a more enveloping sound. The personality of this instrument is reflective and meditative.


Indian instrument that connects us to the earth and water, aligning these elements with our interior being.

Tabla de India

This magical percussion instrument incites dance with its varied and generous rhythms.  The Tabla evokes the spirits of Earth and Water.

To play this instrument, the small drum (Dahiana) is played with the fingers of the right hand while the palm and fingers of the left hand are used to slide across the head of the large drum (Bayan). This enables one to create unique sounds.



The santur is a percussive string instrument originating from Persia and India. It has 72 strings that are suspended on bridges. It is played with a rod that can hit one or more individual strings to create beautiful melodies or groups of strings to create a rhythmic accompaniment. Its sound brings us to a hypnotic state.

Tibetan Bowls


These ancestral instruments of Tibet are played with rods.  These bowls emit a healing vibration that cleans our inner water crystals, allowing for a better connection between our body and soul.



This is a traditional string instrument from India. Its sound takes us into a deep meditative state and can connect us with the energies of a variety of deities. 


 The sounds of the Guitar bring us to states of harmony and sweetness.

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