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In this section you can read the testimonies of some people who have been with us in ceremonies, here they share their experiences with the sacred medicine. 

Irimai Solara (Rusia):


 “I’m happy and very grateful for the work Nacho does with the medicine: he has a serious and grounded approach, with humbleness, wisdom and an open heart, and always in service. During each ceremony, every participant is held in a safe and loving space for self-healing. Plus, there is the gift of the healing sounds that he delivers from his knowledge and great professionalism. Thank you!” 

Lorena Figueroa (Colombia)

 “My experience in the ceremonies has been special. It is the most beautiful place I’ve been to and with the most beautiful people. They taught me so much in a short time. The music Nacho plays in the ceremonies is really magical and mystical. It is an experience that I will repeat as many times as I can in my life. When I returned home after that beautiful trip, I felt an inner peace that I had never felt in my life. I hope they continue to share more of this beautiful energy to the world-- they are powerful.” 


Richard Bruce (Canada)


Having experienced ayahuasca ceremonies with a number of facilitators, in my opinion, Nacho’s work is of exceptional integrity. The kindness and humility with which he approaches and delivers his work makes for a safe and welcome container for all who feel called to work with him. He seems to have an intuitive ability (and I’ve experienced this a number of times now) to manage the various scenarios that can emerge in ceremony with a calmness and gentleness that I greatly admire. His remarkable skill as a sound healer translates exceptionally well into his work serving medicine. Personally, there are places in the vast expanse of consciousness that only Nacho and his music seem to enable me to explore. Through these explorations, I now find myself in a position where I am a more loving and attentive father to my children and partner to my wife. I am now actively 

pursuing my own creative inspirations-playing music and building guitars-that I’d previously been sitting idly on . There is a richness and beauty to life that’s always been there, but that seems so vivid and clear now, where before, it seemed veiled by the many burdens of life. Really, I feel so incredibly grateful, humbled and blessed. Thank you, thank you, medicine. Thank you, thank you, Nachito!.”


Lakisha Joyner (Washington)


 “As a 35 year old, single, female from Washington, D.C. USA, I was very apprehensive about taking this trip alone to unknown territory. It was very exciting and scary-- just an overall feeling of being overwhelmed with what to expect. Once my bag was packed, and I was heading off to the airport, I suddenly realized that hadnoideaofw hatIwasgettingmyselfinto!Thedoubtstartedkickinginwitha touch of panic. This was just the beginning of my journey, which was to become one of the most amazing experiences of my life-so far. 

For two years, Mother Earth had been calling. I don't recall how I was introduced to ayahuasca, but as time went by, I found myself constantly researching, watching documentaries and YouTube testimonials on these retreats. Despite some of the negative experiences of others along with the risk factors of making such a distant trip alone, into the middle of the jungle to purge, something inside of me said that I needed it, and the time was now. So I listened. She was calling, and the timing was right. 

The morning I arrived at the Plaza to meet our group, all of the anxiety calmed with comfort of knowing that we were all in the same boat. Already, we were bonding and becoming each other’s support. As we drove through the city into the mountains, I couldn't help but be awed by the views. 

Arriving at El Camino Sagrado we had a tour, got comfortable, and began a daily schedule of activities and well prepared vegetarian meals that would prepare us for ceremony. This is when it got real! I was so nervous, and at this moment I felt dread, but this was the reason I was here- to do the work. 

Nacho was the shaman that lead our retreat. Amongst the mountains, the food, and the culture shock, Nacho, by far, was the most memorable thing. I felt so blessed to be in his presence. He is an amazing, intuitive guide, a great listener and musician (incredible)- his Icaros are pure healing. He also has this innate ability to look you in the eye and say to you what you may not have the courage to say to yourself (at least that was my experience). Like I said, with just his presence you would feel so safe. That was the space he created for us -Thank you! I'm so grateful. 

After completing three ceremonies, I was able to find the answers and clarity I searched for. This is a continuing process, but this experience really opened my eyes and helped me realize my own validity. I have never, in such a short period of time, connected so well with so many strangers-- I can't even call them strangers. because we are so much more than that! It was family, community, true , unconditional love. The Sacred Valley has given me more than just memories. Staying there has given me a taste of life.

I am not just a survivor! I am blessed!” 

Ilum Gonpo Anointed


 “Nacho is a great master, dear friend, and brother of the light. Nacho’s ceremonial presentation is a reflection of his inner truth. His creative expression, through his music and sacred songs, calls our inner child to come forth and dance in the celebration of rebirth. His demeanor is one of unconditional love and understanding; caring deeply for all as his own family. His gratitude is contagious and guides us back to the gift of receiving. It is truly an honor to share sacred space in and out of ceremony with this gorgeous soul.” 

JAYANANDA (Australia)

“Nacho uses his instruments to convey a unique language. His music speaks in a way that words cannot. Enter into Nacho’s world and be entranced by his dynamic rhythms and infectious melodies. As you are held, tenderly suspended in the 

silence between each note, you will quickly come to know that you are listening to a master at work”. 

Jeannette Breen (United States)

 “I have been fortunate enough to sit in ceremony with Ignacio Rodriguez (Nacho) dozens of times over the years, and my experiences sitting in ceremonies with him is nothing short of divine. 

He guides the room into another universe with his unquantifiable musical talent and spiritual teachings. His experience and understanding is deeper than that of most other Shamans I've sat with, which are dozens. 

I have NEVER in my life seen a musician who is able to create all of the heavenly ambient sounds Nacho orchestrates. 

I also have never been so deeply touched by music the way I have been with Nacho’s music. 

His ability to guide the energy in the room with his plethora of musical instruments and sounds is something I haven’t seen in my nearly 70 ceremonies. If you come all the way to Peru and do not sit in ceremony with this incredible spiritual leader, you may be missing out an unforgettable, once in a lifetime opportunity.” 


Cristobal Ibieta (Chile)


"In a ceremony with Nacho Rodriguez, I felt confident, letting myself go with open arms so that the medicine and the vibration of the different sounds could resonate through purges-- tears and laughter that heal. It was like an open heart operation that allowed emotions to flourish. In the temple, the power of the music became evident when held in intention and I felt the privilege of being there-- instruments and voices of the 5 continents brought together with the purpose of healing, together with the plants. Over time, you realize the great gift that you have been given, a gift that also leaves a responsibility for you and all your relationships. Long live to your work, Nacho Rodriguez! Thank you! " 


Satori Ki (United states)


 “Nacho is an impeccable space holder for the deep journey of plant medicine and healing. He is highly sensitive to the energies of the space and each individual. Using many different sound tools, he creates an immaculate soundscape for the experience. It’s truly amazing what comes through him in complete darkness; he is an instrument for the divine. You will feel humility and purity when you look into his eyes... safety and security in his presence. If you’re looking for a master of sound healing, deeply connection with the plant spirits, I couldn’t recommend him enough”.

Clemente Mckay (Chile)


 “My experiences taking medicine with Nacho and José have been super amazing- always full of love, empathy and light. In addition to the inevitable purge and later accompanied by lessons that invite me to continue working on my spirit, my daily life, outside the temple, with my family and all the people, filled with that I have around me. Regarding Nacho, I feel he has a very clear rooted work, with a real purpose, with ethnic music that invites us to connect with the most vital components of our essence, always in a comfortable environment, with people who are very attentive to working with grandmother”. 


Luca Landolfi (Alemania)

This year in April, I spent a few months in Peru, and I sat for one ayahuasca ceremony led by Nacho Rodriguez at the Maha Temple . The atmosphere was pure magic and love, and Nacho was the incredible leader of that beautiful journey. I felt his love, compassion and humbleness at the service of Madre through his Icaros, music, and sound healing. His use of a vast variety of ancestral instruments and great cultural heritage demonstrated a long dedication and commitment to the world of medicine. 

Being a musician myself, it has opened a new vision for my path, and it also gave me a lot of motivation and confidence. I can recommend Nacho for any who are seeking a true healing experience based on good intentions and love. Thank you again brother, for this life changing step. Aho! 



“I feel so blessed to have had many experiences with Nacho as a space holder for my ceremonies in the Valley. His humbleness brings an instant feeling of peace and trust to your heart. His music holds a space of clarity and safety and you can feel the medicine moving and dancing through him. 

You can feel that this brother is committed to his work and he holds a space where love is the foundation in all he shares. He is always open to share a smile, talk, or a hug. He is fully of service and always gives you the support you are needing. 

For those who are traveling through the Sacred Valley and are feeling called to work with sacred plant medicine I highly recommend sitting with Nacho. I can’t wait to return and join him in the magical space he holds”. 


Nick Mikic (Australia)


"I had the privilege of participating in three ceremonies with Nacho in July 2019. they were all truly magical and like nothing I've experienced before. Using such an array of instruments and sounds, Nacho's ability to create music and hold space is a true gift and blessing. Each of his songs touched me in a special way and helped me to navigate through my journey with beautiful flow and insight. I will always be grateful for these experiences and hold them dearly within my heart. Thank you Nacho. " 


Trinity (Canada)

Honestly, I say Nacho is the greatest musician in the Sacred Valley and by far, the best musician I've ever met. The music that he plays in ceremony is so transformationally beautiful... And it takes us on such a profound journey into the Self... And allows such deep Purification and Understanding to naturally unfold. He holds the highest frequency of Love, Light, and the Purest Intent, and this allows such deep opening to occur in his presence and the space he holds. I couldn't recommend it more. If you have the opportunity to sit with Nacho, it is a blessing and gift beyond words that I would absolutely not pass up”. 


Jon Bart


"Working with Nacho has been life changing. His level of care and support and his dedication to healing is unparalleled. He emboldens those willing to do the work with a courage that grows through each ceremony. His faith in me has done what all great teachers do, it's reconnected me with my own ability to learn and find my way." 




 “When I first came to sit with Nacho, I was very nervous and apprehensive. Having sat with Ayahuasca before, I know the value and incredible importance of having a skilled, knowledgeable, loving shaman to help guide your journey. Let me say that every one of my worries were put away. 

When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was how peaceful the space felt and how well put together it was. There were organized spaces with what we would need for ceremony, and people to answer my questions if need be. There were extra blankets and water if I needed any. Before the ceremony, Nacho took the time to really explain about Ayahuasca, how the ceremony would work, and to answer any questions. The ceremonies with Nacho were absolutely beautiful. The energy he brings to ceremony is a truly holy experience. He is a pure channel of love, and it radiates from him during ceremony. I have never been in such a well held, peaceful, safe and protected space. This has allowed me to really start working on deeper levels of myself. As a Vibrational Sound Therapist myself, the multi dimensional gifts of the music that Nacho brings to ceremony is out of this world. The vibrations from his voice and musical instruments truly help guide ceremony. If I could have a teacher on this journey there is no doubt in my mind that I would wish to learn from him. I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for the gift of being able to sit in ceremony with Nacho. The learning, becoming, unbecoming, love, compassion, kindness, and healing cannot be expressed in words. 

Nacho takes the time for integration with each individual person before the next ceremony. He also offers after retreat integration, if you ever need to talk or have questions. I feel this is so important, as integration is an important piece that is missing for so many people. 

I can only hope to be able to continue this path with such an amazing human being. If you truly want to sit with an outstanding shaman, come and grow with Nacho. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself with love for all who wish to receive” 


Eli Ibáñez (Chile)

 “The experience in PACHA was perfect in every way. The place in the valley is magical, surrounded by mountains and peace. The temple is beautiful and comfortable, and everything is very well organized. All those who live and work there are very expert in their subject and guide you with kindness throughout the process. 

I had the privilege of being close to the musicians and spending several hours immersed in a womb of love. I felt like the earth received me and the medicine healed my wounds. I cried with happiness, knowing that everything was real. Music continually took me to new places, always with much love and softness. 

The closing was also very fluid, little by little we came back and we shared fresh fruit later. Everyone who participated could only smile gratefully after the experience”

Drew YoungSpring (USA)

 “Nacho Rodriguez is an absolute master ceremonialist and a virtuoso of sound. As a ceremonialist myself, the circles of Ignacio Rodriguez are some of the best I have ever participated in. He cares deeply for the wellbeing and healing process of each and every individual. The environment and level of care is very safe. The space is impeccably held . 

As a very high level master of healing soundscapes, Nacho Rodriguez takes you through a deep spiritual journey that covers all realms of existence. I cannot recommend these ceremonies enough, and I dream of the day when I will again get to participate!” 


Jamie Mann (Filadelfia)

 “I have been blessed to sit with Nacho many times over the past 3 years. I always look forward to returning to Pisac and entering the temple space when I know he is serving the medicine. Nacho creates a very safe and loving container to do good, strong work. His music supports the transmission of healing and teachings of the past. You can feel his love and commitment to this work, which more easily allows me to surrender the mind and body, and in turn, open my heart. Thank you, Nacho, for always showing up to help us on our path”. 

Marcos García (España)


 “After several years of learning with Grandmother Ayahuasca, it has been a great gift to be able to sit in ceremonies guided by my brother Nacho and the brothers who support him. His humility and great heart go beyond words. It is a different work, both subtle and very deep at the same time, where the sound of ancestral instruments are on center stage. It is a circle where one feels safe and lovingly wrapped at all times to open up, confident to the experience. Thank you, Nacho, with all my heart for your tireless service and love of the medicine”. 


Jesse Kirley (Australia)

 “I've been on the ‘medicine path’ now for 18 months, and in this time I've sat with some amazing shamans, 9 in total. I had the pleasure of sitting with Nacho in Pisac last year 5 times in ceremony and once for a sound healing session. He really is amazing. He holds the space so beautifully, and he’s the best musician I've ever witnessed in ceremony. He expertly plays many instruments- more than 10 I'm sure, and many I had never seen or heard before. His music and presence is unique and amazing. He's one of the best I've ever sat with. My wife Saba and I experienced a lot of healing and breakthroughs in our ceremonies with Nacho, and I can't wait to return to Pisac soon to work with him more !” 


Omar Chavira (Mexico)


 “Nacho brings a unique presence in the best possible way. With his many years of experience as a percussionist, he is able to bring those same skills during his ceremonies. Nacho is able to follow the beat of energy flow and transmute any 

chaotic rise in energy to a graceful and harmonizing wave. He will elevate you to the stars, but keeps you firmly grounded to the earth.” 


 “I wish that everyone would have the chance to sit with Nacho for one of the amazing ceremonies he leads. I had the great opportunity to participate in a number of Nacho's ceremonies. The environment he creates is one where I always feel safe and well cared for. The energy that's created, and brought out of everyone by Nacho's music helped me go to many places in my mind and in my heart-- from those places, I have grown as a woman, a mother, and a daughter. 

One way I could measure the quality of these ceremonies is by virtue of how they've helped me in the grander ceremony that is life. I find that I move through life now with a gentleness I never had before. And that gentleness spreads to everyone around me: my family, my friends, co-workers, clients, strangers. I am more comfortable in my self. I trust myself and my intuitions and in so being, I find I hear more rather than just listen. It's a beautiful thing to really hear people, to empathize and see my own reflection in them. I sang out loud to others for the first time in one of Nacho's ceremonies. Haha! An introduction to my own voice. What a gift. In fact, that describes well what I think of Nacho: What a gift! (And his wife Josefina is pretty awesome too, hehe).” 

Pitt Ewart (Australia)


 “What can I say, but I love this brother, his way in his medicine path. He is inspirational in both his music and his being. Above all, I find he holds integrity close to his heart and embodies the presence of this path. Do not hesitate to broaden your experience of the unfolding of this magical way. If I want to refresh myself, I sit in his circles and am always fed the light that he stirs in an amazing vortex.” 


Ziggy Livnat

 “Nacho is an amazing percussionist-- Diego Palma once named him after a ceremony: Nachito tum tum. He is one of the most beautiful people that I have ever had the privilege of sharing a space with. Nacho is setting an example with every step he takes. He is a modest teacher living the rhythm of love ... the rhythm of life. He is a good friend and an amazing master of ceremonies. I feel truly honored and blessed to have him in my life.” 


Trampas Thompson


 “I've known Nacho for many years and have had the great pleasure of sitting in Ceremony with him many times... most recently, a few days ago. I first knew him as an incredible musician, who sat for hours outside of Ulreke’s playing his hang drum. Later I knew him as he was supporting other facilitators in Ceremony. When it came time for him to play, I would lie down and let the Cosmic sounds of his drum and other instruments wash over me and take me on deep journeys. 

Over the years, we have become good friends... Brothers... Year after year, as I returned to the Sacred Valley, I've grown to love him deeply. Now, I know him as a gifted maestro in his own right. He serves strong Medicine and holds the space impeccably, creating a strong container for deep work and profound healing. He has a great reverence for the Work and for his many teachers, as well as an incredible depth to his prayers. He is a multi-instrumentalist who continues to amaze me with his skill, as well as his desire to continue to learn and improve. As a facilitator, he brings more patience than I’ve ever witnessed, and as a human being, he lives in joy and presence. I'm grateful to know him and highly recommend his Ceremonies and Sound Healings with the whole of my heart! Thanks, Nachito. Thanks, little brother. Lots of love.” 


Brian Beloved 

“Nacho has the biggest heart and has taken upon himself the honor of serving medicine and creating incredibly healing music for the people who visit the Sacred Valley and La Pacha.  I would trust him with my life.  His music is so deep and powerful, especially his handpan rhythms!  I attended a sound healing in 2018 and had the most relaxing experience.  I was able to drop into some deep spaces.  My work with Ayahuasca has been amplified thanks to Nacho.  




I had the chance to experience ceremonies with Nacho and Jean during my time in Pisac last year and I also did a kambo session with Nathalie. The Maha Temple is a beautiful place, like in a nice dream, the houses, the mountaintops, the garden... The spiritual work of the people is very profound. Good energy everywhere you look, the talks, the food, the way of living. I had already some experience but these ceremonies where the first in the dark for me, a very strong introvert experience. Just a little bit moonshine... The music and acoustics were mindblowing and coming from different directions. Nacho is a next level musician and leads the ceremony very resolute and humble. Sometimes I was confused about how many instruments and sounds I was hearing at the same time.

Jean's ceremony marked me also very deep. I loved the musical influences from Afrika and Turkey, again music from a high level in a place with high vibrations. I never had the singing songs around the campfire feeling, like I experience in Europe sometimes. The ceremony is very tribal, I loved the birth instrument and the small speeches of Jean are really amazing.

Resh y Sath:


Nacho holds a special place in my heart. He is a wise and gentle soul. His presence is felt immediately and the warmth of his presence lingers.

He has the ability to shape shift energies and hold space in ceremony with deep humility and heart-warming lightless.

His gifts are unlimited. The way he plays music truly lifts the spirit and heals the heart...

Words are not enough, sitting with Nacho and experiencing his finely tuned skills and abilities is the only way. I count myself as blessed to have had time and healing with Nacho.


Thank you, thank you, thank you 💚



‘Nacho is a sound alchemist, a healer and a soul brother. He combines sound alchemy and plant medicine in one of the most beautiful ways, slowly lulling you through the darkness and into the light. The ceremonies I did with Nacho were powerful, unraveling some of the lineage of anger in my family, a cycle that I’m actively choosing to break. Thank you Nachito”


Brandon Parmer


The ayahuasca ceremonies conducted by Nacho are world class authentic one of a kind super special “psychedelicious” spectacular surreal phenomenons, supremely spiritual to say the least. The amount of care, love, and attention is remarkable. Each person is given delicate care when needed or otherwise all participants are allowed the freedom to release traumatized and suppressed emotions with no judgement or prejudice that may follow the cathartic process. Not all who attend require specialized care. And no-one ceremony is ever the same as the previous one except in quality of care giving and potency of the medicine  which is never short of strong and potent powerful medicine. Nothing is Superficial here, everything is unique and multilayered. It is a process of entering a sublime state of self sacrifice by surrendering to the medicine being ingested and the super consciousness becoming uncongested. I have never been as entertained during a ceremony with ayahuasca as I was here with Nacho as my Professional World class talented Musical Curandero! Entertainment, in the ayahuasca realm of dual reality is Nacho’s talented skill given as a gift to those who attend; between conscious and subconscious, the medium balancing of sleeping and waking, a revelation into cosmic attitude where gratitude is an altitude and it’s out of this world from above looking below. A drift in the seam that binds material with spiritual, the pure being of human-be-ing.

Bernardita Bordagorry 

I have performed two ceremonies with Nacho in the Pacha. The magical environment already invites you on a journey of reconnection with Mother Earth. Both ceremonies have been wonderful, pure medicine, by the hand of Nacho, his music and other musicians who accompany and care for you at all times. In a beautiful temple and a very careful and respectful environment. 100% recommended!

Yurguen Zùñiga Monge

Me faltarían palabras para expresar mi experiencia con la medicina al lado de Nacho y de Josefina! Al final siempre se trata de entender que no hay más médicina que la que cargamos en nuestros corazones y sin duda la medicina que  he encontrado al lado de esta familia ha sido increíble, es la experiencia más cercana que he tenido de volver a casa y encontrar una increíble familia en búsqueda de el autoconocimiento y la conciencia, aquí he encontrado y fortalecido mis raíces,  las herramientas que al lado de esta familia he aprendido llevando todo lo vivido en mi corazón día a día con gratitud y honor!! 


Gracias por compartir tan bella medicina!!






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