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Our project I Pray 

The construction of Ayasairy a Medicine Center in Peru

This prayer was born from a powerful message received during an ayahuasca ceremony. While I sung an Icaro, I received a clear message from my body and soul that we should create and build a space to receive women and men from all over the world in order to accompany them, with the guidance and support of the sacred master plants,  in their physical, mental and spiritual healing and thus, collaborate in the great mission of healing the humanity.

In this center, my partner and I would share medicine in private ceremonies and retreats. The space would also open its doors to a variety of shamans from the jungle so that they may come and deliver their medicine during 10-day retreats.

Deriving an important share of our income to help children of low economic status, offering them scholarships for free studies in the Sacred Valley and in Peruvian jungle.

As well as helping to reforest native trees in the Valley.

That’s what the creation of a NGO is for.

Upon receiving such a sacred message, I wondered how we could manifest this prayer.  To make it happen, it would be necessary to buy a large plot of land, build a  temple as well as housing so that the people who come to heal can be comfortable. The strength of that vision forces us to expand our intention, our labours and our strength to make this dream come true. We are aware that this is a big dream, but why dream small?


So, when I wondered to myself about the above concerns, Mother Ayahuasca spoke directly to my heart: Ask for donations, and with the help of a variety of souls, this great prayer will materialize.  In this way, we will continue to help healing the humanity."

Any help is welcome, and if this project wasn’t carried out because not enough money had been collected, the donations would be returned to the contributors.

We invite all who feel called to collaborate to contact us. Blessings and thanks for listening to this prayer.

Blessings . 










In this moment we are in the process of legalizing our own NGO with the aim of receiving donations that will enable us to materialize the center. Once we have the center functioning, we are going to derive an important share of our income to help children of low economic status, offering them scholarships for free studies in the Sacred Valley and in Peruvian jungle. We also want to help to reforest native trees in the Valley.

The concept of Ayasairy Center is to be as self-sustainable as possible. We will have vegetable gardens, greenhouses, composting toilets, compost heaps, bio construction, etc and in that way bbe in coherence with our prayer of gratitude and taking care of Mother Earth. All this with the help of the knowledge in construction that surrounding communities of the Sacred Valley of Incas have, to protect and recover the ancestral wisdom of the Indigenous peoples. Thanks to all this they will be able to receive our financial help in exchange for their work at Ayasairy Center. We will also receive travelers from all over the world for volunteering opportunities.

To start this prayer we are asking for donations to buy the land, 5.000 square meters aprox. Normally the land price range is around 100 USD per square meter.


Many thanks for the help so that together we will be able to materialize this prayer of helping the humanity and the planet.




If you have any enquiries please contact us at 

Many thanks for helping us to materialize this prayer 


Rewards for the backers of this prayer:


Less than 200 USD: free access to our music CDs via e-mail (listen at

From 200 to 1.700 USD: free access to our plant medicine ceremonies (2-10) and sound healing therapies in Pisac, the Sacred Valley of Incas in Peru.

From 1.700 USD to 2.000 USD: free access to a 10-day retreat once the center is built plus free access to our music CDs.

Our 10-day retreats include 3 ceremonies with plant medicine from the jungle, accommodation, food, integrations, mountain hikes, sound healing therapies etc. More info at


More than 2.000 USD: we will send you a personal message with the information about the special benefits that you will have at our center.

Thank you very much for your time and Energy.


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